OpenOffice Impress is an office application for making presentations. It is the free and open-source equivalent to the well-known (and paid) PowerPoint. The presentations we create in OpenOffice Impress are based on the slide format and support the insertion of images, animations, or audio files. All this so that our presentation goes from functional and correct to excellent.

Of course, and as with other applications of the OpenOffice office suite, Impress is compatible with PowerPoint, making it easy to edit, open, or save any presentation that has been created with the Microsoft app.

If we are used to working with PowerPoint and we have to start working now in Impress, there is no problem: both work interfaces are very similar. We have a toolbar at the top and on the left side a preview of our work in real-time, in different blocks corresponding to each step we take. The central part is occupied by the slide we are creating.

These are the main features that we will find in OpenOffice Impress:

  • A wide range of views: drawing, slides, notes, outline, or multi-panel.
  • Compatible with different monitors.
  • Different tools to draw and create diagrams.
  • Presenter Console: this mode gives the user extra control over his presentations, being able to activate different modes where notes, slide mosaic, and others can be added.
  • The presentations are saved in OpenDocument format, based on XML.
  • Export our presentations in different formats, including PDF.
  • A wide range of predefined templates for each situation, as well as an image bank and other graphic elements.