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With 3D Text Factory you'll be able to design titles and headings in three dimensions. Download 3D Text Factory and easily add 3D animated texts to a site


Create your own animated 3D titles and logos

July 2, 2012
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3D Text Factory is a useful tool to create three-dimensional logos and titles. If you want your website to include three-dimensional titles, or you want your videos to include striking texts, 3D Text Factory will help you do so in the most simple way. Don't worry if you haven't got too much knowledge of graphology or handling 3D software, because the application is very user-friendly and anyone will be able to create their own logos and titles.

Simple tool to create 3D texts

Basically, all you have to do is input a text and use the tools available to get the desired result. You'll be able to select the color of the letters, the texture, the illumination and the shadows, as well as the background. And all this with a real-time preview, so that you can see the changes as they take place.

Furthermore, 3D Text Factory has a set of templates that you will be able to adjust to get the effect that you desire. Another of the features included is the possibility to animate the 3D texts, with another full set of presets that can be varied in speed.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Only runs on Windows XP.
  • The trial version can be used during a limited amount of time
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