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BusinessCards MX is a tool to design business cards. Download BusinessCards MX and create business cards with your personal data or your company's


Design your business cards using templates

February 17, 2019
8 / 10

BusinessCards MX is a very easy-to-use application with which you'll be able to design your personal business cards from scratch, as well as for your company or business. You'll be able to use images, texts and apply different effects. And if you need help, you can use the templates from BusinessCards MX and make your task a lot easier, because you will only have to modify the data.

Make business cards of your own liking for very little money

If you have decided that you need your own business cards, but you don't want to spend too much money, you only have to download BusinessCards MX for free. The program will allow you to design the business cards in a very easy way. You'll only have to add the text that you choose, adjust the size, color and placing, and keep on designing the cards with images or whatever you want. You will also have the possibility to design the back of the card or include your own drawings/designs.

Furthermore, BusinessCards MX has a large number of templates for all the different categories, like animals, cars, calendars, music and sports. These templates will make your work much easier because you'll only have to modify the data and you'll have your cards ready to be printed.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version adds a watermark to the business cards.
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