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The basic security tools of your Mac are just not enough. AiroAV is a suite capable of detecting malware in real time and predicting all sorts of threats


Extra safety and guarantees for your Mac

November 29, 2019
9 / 10

Despite what you may think, Mac computers are nowhere near to being free of dangers and security threats. Having a security suite with full guarantees should be your top priority if you use this operating system, and AiroAV could well be the perfect solution, putting a full stop to any potential danger that you may encounter.

Real-time analysis and artificial intelligence to the rescue

Its self-learning AI-based real-time malware detection system is everything you could demand from a piece of software of this nature. AiroAV runs continuous analyses on our system and the web pages we visit to keep us protected at any moment, with prevention playing a key role: it’s capable of detecting problems even before they really start to cause any trouble, getting rid of any chance of your computer getting damaged or your data being jeopardized.

Your first, last, and only true Mac protection.

Its capacity to recognize malicious patterns which it constantly collects in its threat database that is constantly updated with the latest dangers discovered, together with its self-learning system, are the keys to its success. And all the latter, without compromising our computer’s performance, running seamlessly in the background so that its presence goes unnoticed whilst playing music, watching movies or playing games at the highest framerates.

Main features of AiroAV Malware Protection

  • Carry out different sorts of scans for your system or files.
  • Place suspicious files under quarantine or delete them straight away.
  • Disable the real-time protection whenever you want.
  • Exclude certain types of files from the analyses.
  • Make use of browser extensions for Google Chrome or Safari.
  • Pin the software’s interface to your dock or run it in a new window.

AiroAV’s developers have their very own labs to analyze threats where they gather information about the vulnerabilities of millions of users, offering the patches necessary almost immediately. If you want to be extra careful with your computer or digital environment, this is definitely one of the best solutions.

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