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With Allegro Sprite Editor your will be able to create animated sprites and pixel art. Enjoy your self designing custom sprites with Allegro Sprite Editor


Get going in the world of pixel art and animated sprites

April 16, 2024
7 / 10

The pixel art and sprites technique is based on bitmaps, and even though nowadays it's used less often due to the increase in imagery software and the new innovations in that field, many people still have Allegro Sprite Editor on their hard drives.

Tool to create animated sprites

With ASEPRITE you'll be able to create animated sprites that you will be able to add to any web page or video game. Import any image or create it from scratch with the free tools that Allegro Sprite Editor makes available. You can load and save images in GIF, JPG or PNG format. After that, create the movement sequence to bring your sprite to life. You'll also have the possibility to create logos, characters, textures, backgrounds...

Allegro Sprite Editor uses a frames and masks system to make these actions possible. You'll be able to edit both RGBA images as well as others in scales of gray.

The software's interface has been designed based on the type of art that it proposes. Within its simplicity you will have easy access to all the drawing instruments. Define the features of your project and start drawing.

The best thing is that you can download Allegro Sprite Editor for free. Thus money won't be a hindrance when it comes to showing your artistic skills in the world of sprites and pixel art.

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