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Apollon is a free P2P client for Linux with which you will be able to search and download from various networks at the same time. Download Apollon for free

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Among the P2P clients available for Linux, we have to highlight Apollon, an application that is multiprotocol and that offers a very simple interface. This software is compatible with Gnutella, Ares, OpenFT and FastTrack (Kazaa), so we'll have many files available and it will allow us to download from various networks at the same time.

  The program has the same sections that are included in similar P2P applications: search for files to download over all the protocols, file transfers, shared folders, where we will be able to select what we want to share, and chat (with which we can communicate with other users of the program).

  Apollon allows the users to preview the audio and video files during the download process, it also allows us to minimize the client to the system tray and includes an assistant (FirstRun wizard) to quickly configure the application.

  If you were looking for an application for Linux that allowed you to download from different networks at the same time, and that's also very easy to use, download and try out Apollon.
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