Opinions about Aptoide: pros and cons

Malavida’s editors have given their opinion about using Aptoide to download applications. Here is what they have to say:

Héctor Hernández

Another app store that we have to be very wary about. It’s true that it comes along with loads of APKs some of which are almost impossible to find anywhere else, which is definitely its greatest advantage, but it’s also full of fake apps, hardly nobody checks what is offered and on many occasions, you end up installing something that has nothing to do with what you were looking for. Without a thorough verification process, it’s an easy way in for fake and dubious apps.

Elies Guzmán

The greatest advantage is that we can find applications that aren’t available on Google Play and it also allows us to update all our installed apps, including operating system apps. However, we have to be very careful because unlike the official Android market, nobody caries out a thorough security check looking for malware. I prefer not to use and continue downloading apps from official sites or from those that look more trustworthy.

Lory Guilloux

Installing and using Aptoide has plenty of advantages. It’s a much broader application market than Google Play with developments that can’t be found in the official store. Furthermore, the developers can create their own app store on the platform to be able to promote their products and make themselves a name in the world of Android apps. However, the user must keep an eye on what he downloads because Aptoide isn’t as careful about security and malware control as Google. Furthermore, we can download paid apps for free and although that may seem to be an advantage, we’ll be collaborating towards the disappearance of the product in question because we’re skipping its main fund-raising system.

Antony Peel

Until I discovered Malavida, Aptoide was my site of reference to find APKs of applications removed from Google Play due to their pirate nature or simply because their developers weren’t maintaining them anymore. And also to download paid applications without paying a cent to see if it was worthwhile paying for them. As an alternative marketplace, it’s not at all bad, although it looks quite unorganized due to the fact that we can find dozens of apps with the same name, icon and functions uploaded by different users to their personal stores. That contributes towards creating a sensation of untidiness and insecurity.