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Do your children show an interest in space and astronomy? Then they will have a great time with Astrokids, a fabulous game to get to know our galaxy


Let your child become an astronaut and learn about astronomy

February 23, 2020
8 / 10

Outer space is as wonderful as it is hypnotic. If your children like science and astronomy, this educational game from the Iteration Kids studio will fascinate them, offering them puzzles and mini-games set across the galaxy.

Learn and have fun discovering the planets of the solar system, draw shapes with the stars, or solve astronomy puzzles designed for children.

Become an intrepid astronaut

Children can explore the mysteries of the universe through fun games and puzzles in Astrokids, a game specially designed for children between the ages of three and eight. In addition, all texts are played in audio in several languages, to make the experience closer and more accessible.

The mechanics of this app consists of selecting a level and fulfilling the mission that is proposed: piloting spaceships, pointing out celestial bodies, finding aliens, placing the planets of the solar system in the correct position, and more. Most missions are quite simple, in this way, children will be able to understand concepts such as the stars, the constellations, or the planets, as well as knowing the phases of the moon or learning zero gravity while having fun.

Become an astronaut and take on missions by piloting space vehicles!

In addition, this fantastic game includes eight puzzles to bring astronomy closer to children so that they can easily learn basic knowledge about the universe while stimulating their memory, concentration, and logical thinking. The mechanics of the game can be slow and repetitive for adults, but children will be able to explore the charms of the galaxy for themselves as they play.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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