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AutoClicker is a software that helps us automate sequences of clicks on our PC screen. It might be helpful for repetitive tasks or incremental games


Automate mouse click frequency

February 16, 2023
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An auto clicker is a tool that lets you automate the mouse clicks on a computer screen. It can be used for different purposes, usually in conjunction with other software that runs simultaneously and is the target of said clicks.

OP AutoClicker: automate clicks on your PC easily

And if you are looking for such a tool, we definitely recommend you download AutoClicker for PC. This simple app, also available in a portable format (works without installation), offers configuration functions to achieve click automation without complication.

To automate the number of clicks and the intervals between them, you can configure the following parameters:

  • The number of clicks.
  • Click-to-click time interval.
  • Emulation of the desired mouse button.
  • Repetition cadence.
  • Click type.
  • The number of times the task will be performed.
  • Location on the screen where the clicks will be made.
  • Recording of the process.

What is an auto clicker for?

Most reasons you might want this kind of software are related to automating tedious tasks. Here are some examples:

  • Software testing tasks that require repeated testing of user interface elements.
  • Repetitive data entry tasks where you can replicate the sequence of mouse movements and clicks to reduce the possibility of error.
  • Games that involve repetitive actions, such as shooting or clicking in incremental games.
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