Light Image Resizer
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Light Image Resizer is a tool with which you can change the size of your images. Download Light Image Resizer and apply effects automatically on your PC


Modify your photos automatically

January 28, 2019
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Light Image Resizer is a free program that allows you to apply several transformations to your image files at the same time. You'll surely have photos on your computer that are too big to send by email. With Light Image Resizer you'll be able to change the size of all the photos in a simple and quick way.

Perform all the changes that you want to apply to the images in an easy and quick way

To start using Light Image Resizer you only have to add the photographs that you want to modify. Once you have selected them they will appear on the program's interface. The second step consists of choosing the changes that you want to apply. Light Image Resizer allows you to change the size of the images by setting a specific size, or by simply choosing a preset profile. As well as choosing the size, you will also be able to choose the way in which you will change in size, the output format and the resolution.

Light Image Resizer allows you to apply effects to photos: you'll be able to insert a watermark, invert the colors, apply a sepia color effect, add a frame or convert to a scale of grays. Another modification option is to copy the metadata or to keep the date on which the image was created.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Each time you launch or close the application a window will appear indicating that the demo version is totally functional. To prevent the window from appearing you have to register the program.
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