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3.8.6 Free Mouse Auto Clicker is a simple tool to automate mouse clicks on your PC. Just define where you want to click, how and the frequency of your clicks
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Imagine any of these situations. "Oh my God, at 12 o'clock sharp they start selling tickets for that Foo Fighters concert I want to go to so desperately". Or... "The teacher said that you would publish our grades at 10.30 at it's 10.32 and they're still not online". Or you're simply addicted to a game in which your mates are beating the hell out of you and you don't understand why. If you don't want to wear down your mouse, the solution is called Free Mouse Auto Clicker.

Get rid of repetitive mouse tasks.

With this software we can do automatic clicks without lifting a finger. This program automatically clicks wherever we want, whenever we want and with the frequency of our choice, whether on a web page, an application or a game. There's no need to bury the F5 key of your keyboard. You only need to configure Free Mouse Auto Clicker appropriately to refresh the page every 10 seconds. Is there a respawn point in your favorite game that is enabled every five minutes but that you can't pay so much attention to because you've got more important things to do? Just configure the application to click automatically every five minutes. As easy as that.

How to use it?

Free Mouse Auto Clicker comes along with only a few very simple options: the click point, the time interval, different hotkeys, right or left click, and double or single click, as well as the start and stop buttons. There's not much to it, and neither does it need it. It has everything you need to automate mouse clicks.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Advanced Mouse Auto Clicker Ltd
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