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TinyPic is a program developed to be able to compress images without affecting their quality. Compress and resize your images by downloading TinyPic free


Reduce the space occupied by your images

March 3, 2022
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A problem that normally arises due to the use of digital cameras is that the photos occupy a lot of space and that their size is out of proportion in comparison with the resolution of any modern day screen. To be able to reduce the space occupied by these photographs and resize them to more adequate sizes you can use TinyPic.

Straight forward program, without any complications

TinyPic doesn't beat about the bush, the program is very straight forward:

  1. Select the photograph which you want to modify.
  2. Choose the final size (with a resolution of up to 1600 x 1200, as long as the original image was bigger.
  3. The name of the new image.

Once the process is finished, TinyPic will show that data about the image indicating the original and final size at the same time that it calculates the compression ratio, so that the user can have a general ideal of the space that has been saved.

The truth is that TinyPic doesn't standout due to the many options that it has to offer, because it only allows you to choose if the user wants to increase the compression ratio (by sacrificing the final image's quality) or to show a preview of the image before the process takes place.

Download TinyPic is the ideal program to prepare images to be sent by email or uploaded to the Internet.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This program is free for personal use only.
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Antony Peel