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Make it easier to interact with the PC creating all kinds of keyboard shortcuts. Configure your own keyboard shortcuts once you download AutoHotkey for free


Assign any action to a keyboard shortcut

March 26, 2020
7 / 10

One of the most comfortable ways to launch applications and files on our PC is by assigning keyboard shortcuts, and specially so if we have an application like AutoHotkey, that makes it easier to assign a combination of keys to launch any action on our computer.

Customize your own hotkeys

The application isn't very intuitive to use, because we'll have to create our own scripts, to be able to assign actions to the keyboard shortcuts, make it only practical for those users that have advanced computing knowledge.

The interface is rather dull and somewhat confusing, due to the fact that it only shows a series of commands and it doesn't have any buttons or shortcuts to simplify the task of creating the shortcuts.

If you want to have shortcuts to your most important documents or most used applications, and you aren't bothered about spending a short period of time configuring each one of the keyboard shortcuts, don't think twice and download AutoHotkey.

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