Mouse and Keyboard Tools for Windows

A great collection of mouse and keyboard-related tools for PC to be able to customize the most important input peripherals of your Windows computer

GS Auto Clicker 3.1.2 English

Schedule clicks in the most simple way

Mouse without Borders English

Control 4 computers with the same mouse

JoyToKey 5.8.2 English
JoyToKey 5.8.2

Control any Windows application with a joystick

Arabic Keyboard 5000 English

Write Arabic characters on Windows

Free Virtual Keyboard 3.0.1 English

Virtual keyboard especially designed for touchscreen PCs

Hot Virtual Keyboard English

The perfect solution for the PCs that don't have a keyboard

DS4Windows 1.4.401 English
DS4Windows 1.4.401

Adapt your PlayStation controller to your PC

WinHotKey 0.70 English
WinHotKey 0.70

Access your favorite applications faster

HeadMouse 3.11 English
HeadMouse 3.11

Use your head to control all the mouse movements and gestures

ShareMouse English

Share your mouse and keyboard between computers

Mouse Recorder English

Make your mouse move on its own

Perfect Keyboard 7.6.9 Professional English
Perfect Keyboard 7.6.9 Professional

Create keyboard shortcuts and automate repetitive tasks

AutoHotkey English

Assign any action to a keyboard shortcut

e-Speaking 3.12.2 English
e-Speaking 3.12.2

Control your PC by voice using speech recognition software

Media Keyboard 2 Media Player English

Empower the multimedia functions of your keyboard for VLC and other programs

Mousotron 9.1 English

Keep a close eye on the use of your mouse and keyboard

eViacam 1.7.0 English
eViacam 1.7.0

Utility to control the mouse cursor with head movements

MouseMove Pro 1.0 English
MouseMove Pro 1.0

Move the mouse cursor with the keyboard arrows

Microsoft IntelliPoint 8.0 English

Configure even the slightest detail of your mouse

hotkeys 2.0.1 English
hotkeys 2.0.1

Practical Windows keyboard shortcut manager

Just Gestures 1.1.1 English

Make how you use your computer more dynamic thanks to mouse gestures

ClickyMouse 7.6.7 Standard Edition English
ClickyMouse 7.6.7 Standard Edition

Create and configure mouse and keyboard shortcuts

Volumouse 2.01 English
Volumouse 2.01

Configure shortcuts to control the volume

Right Click Enhancer 4.1.2 English

Edit the functions of the right mouse button

AutoHideMouseCursor 2.02 English

Hide the mouse when you aren't using it

Mouse and Keyboard Center 2.3.145 English

Customize how you use your mouse and keyboard in Windows 8