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Remote Mouse is a software to enable an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet to function as a mouse, keyboard or trackpad to remotely control the computer


Control your PC mouse with your smartphone

September 28, 2020
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Your Android or iOS tablet or smartphone can be used to control your computer remotely. To do this, you simply need an app like Remote Mouse that lets you turn these mobile devices into keyboards, mice, or trackpads for your PC.

Remote control of your computer from your tablet or mobile

The main requirements for you to be able to use these devices as a remote way to control your Windows is that both the computer and the tablet or smartphone have the application installed. The other is that both are connected to the same wifi network. Then you will simply have to run the program and detect the Android or iOS you have configured.

These are the main functions of the app:

  • Make your Android tablet or smartphone or your iPhone or iPad a keyboard, mouse, and trackpad for your PC.
  • Simple and intuitive control panel.
  • Turn off, restart, log off or suspend your computer remotely.
  • Switch between applications from your mobile device.
  • Move your cursor by moving your device in the air thanks to the gyroscope.
  • Customizable user interface.
  • Voice recognition for typing.
  • Volume control.
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