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MouseMove offers an alternative to handle the mouse: the cursor keys. Download MouseMove for free and discover another way of moving your mouse around


Move the mouse cursor with the keyboard arrows

February 24, 2010
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The first personal computers of the '80s didn't have a mouse to control the cursor on the screen. In that period where the use of peripherals wasn't as extended as it is nowadays, the keyboard was a basic and essential instrument to have control of a computer.

If you have a special way of handling your PC through keyboard combinations or for some reason you need to do without the use of a mouse during a period of time, download MouseMove.

Control your mouse from the keyboard

MouseMove Pro is a simple application that, once launched, allows you to move the control of the mouse to the keyboard, so that you can move the cursor all over the screen by using the arrow keys of the numerical keyboard.

To make the cursors movement better, we will be able to regulate the speed between a wide array of values from the application's interface. You only have to press the "+" and "-" signs that appear in the main window.

Download MouseMove, an application that will get you out of more than one tight spot in case of a mouse failure or malfunction.

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