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Download Microsoft IntelliPoint free and configure the behavior of your mouse. Microsoft IntelliPoint is compatible with mouses by other companies

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Microsoft is on of the most renowned computer peripheral device manufactures on the market, their keyboards and mouses are known for their high quality, but the software that Windows integrates with them is relatively simple, that is why they provide this Microsoft IntelliPoint that greatly improves the mouse configuration panel.

  Once we start the installation, the program asks us to indicate which of the mouses manufactured by Microsoft we have, and when the installation finishes we will have a menu that is customized specifically for that model. This is very useful when we have a mouse that has more buttons that normal or extra functions.

  Although Microsoft IntelliPoint is developed for mouses of the same company, it also works if we use a mouse by another manufacturer, even though that interface won't be personalized and some of the places functions won't be able available in the software and vice-versa. Even though the advanced configurations that have to do with the speed or the configuration of the buttons functions will be totally functional.
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