Protect files by encrypting them with AxCrypt. Download AxCrypt for free and protect your confidential information with the indecipherable AES algorithm

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The AES encryption protocol is one of the most used in the world, and that is why AxCrypt uses it. It is a secure system that can make sure that any encrypted digital file reaches its destination without having to worry about intruders seeing its contents.

The best encryption software for your PC

The 128-bit AES algorithm implemented by AxCrypt was launched in 2001 after a laborious selection promoted by he NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), that started with a public contest to which 15 algorithms were presented by industries, students and almost all people and institutions that were specialized in the subject.

After four years, the AES algorithm was approved and in 2005 it started being used by the American government to encrypt its transmissions. Anything that has been encrypted using AES is more than secure, and this is why it's implemented both in household Wi-Fi connections as well as military signals.

The open source encryption tool that's a hit on Windows.

With AxCrypt we'll be able to use this advanced security algorithm to encrypt any file and accomplish the maximum security when sending it to someone or, simply, saving it securely on our PC.

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