Encryption Software for Windows

Protect all the files on your computer by means of encryption so that only you can access them thanks to this encryption software for Windows

USB Flash Security English

Protect the data on your USB stick with a password

Ultima Steganography 1.7 English

Hide your important files inside images

WinLicense English

The easiest way to protect your applications

Ashampoo Magical Security 2.02 English

Protect your most confidential files with a password

The Enigma Protector 6.00 English

Protect the applications that you develop

Sophos Free Encryption English

Free tool to encrypt files

Quick Crypt 1.1 English

File encryption with extra options

1 Second Folder Encryption 6.76 English

Protect the contents of your folders by encrypting them

MiniTrezor 2.0.10 English
MiniTrezor 2.0.10

Keep your private files and passwords always safe

Rohos Disk Encryption 1.9 English

Encrypt your confidential information on a hidden disk

AxDecrypt 2.1.1573.0 English
AxDecrypt 2.1.1573.0

Open password-protected documents

Code Virtualizer English

Complete code obfuscation system

AxCrypt 2.1.1547.0 English
AxCrypt 2.1.1547.0

Encryption program that uses the best algorithm

Kryptel Lite English
Kryptel Lite

Protect your files by encrypting them

idoo File Encryption 5.2 English

Encrypt the contents of your files

Windows 2000 High Encryption Pack 128-bit English

Improve the encryption level with this set of utilities

Themida English

The best system to protect your developments

AutoKrypt 10.16 English
AutoKrypt 10.16

Encryption software with advanced features

Androsa FileProtector 1.4.4 English

Protect and encrypt your files

Flexcrypt 2010 English
Flexcrypt 2010

Encrypt emails, files and MSN conversations

TrueCrypt 7.2 English

Protect your private files with this trustworthy system

Rohos Mini Drive 2.5 English

Encrypt the contents of your USB pendrive

SelfCert English

Create digital certificates of your applications or documents

USB Safeguard 8.3 English

Protect your pendrives by encrypting their contents

Advanced Encryption Package 2012 Professional 5.59 English
Advanced Encryption Package 2012 Professional 5.59

Encrypt your files to protect them against unauthorized use

R-Crypto 1.5 3346 English
R-Crypto 1.5 3346

Create an encrypted disc where to save confidential information

Cryptainer LE 12.2.0 English
Cryptainer LE 12.2.0

Encryption and safekeeping for your files

CryptoForge 5.4.0 English

Protect your files and messages securely and professionally

JPG Sponge 2.6 English

Light encryption application

Cloudfogger 1.5.49 English
Cloudfogger 1.5.49

Improve the security of your cloud files

Secret Word 1.5 English

Protect your confidential text documents

DNIe 14.0.0 English
DNIe 14.0.0

Cryptographic module for the electronic DNI

Invoptima Imager 1.0 English

Encrypt your images so that nobody can access them without your permission

LockDisk 3.0 English

Protect your files by means of encryption

Prot-On English

Protect your documents

UnReader 1.2 English

Protect your documents with safe encryption

DeepSound 2.0 English

Hide information among audio tracks and files

Ashampoo Privacy Protector 1.1.3 English

Safeguard your personal information

Encrypto 1.0.1 English
Encrypto 1.0.1

Encrypt any file on your PC