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Code Virtualizer is a tool that avoids that programing code can be robbed from an application. Download Code Virtualizer and try this obfuscation system


Complete code obfuscation system

January 14, 2021
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Code Virtualizer is a tool that has been developed so that, after an application is created, the developers can protect their work in such a way that nobody will the possibility to eliminate those parts of code that are hidden in the register forms or in such a way that it is impossible to copy the application so that the others people can work on it.

What the program does is convert the Intel x86 instructions into Virtual Opcodes, in such a way that only the application's internal virtual machine is capable of recognizing them. If anyone tries to apply inverse engineering methods, they won't be able to see the codes as they really are.

Main functions

  • Total obfuscation of the code by means of various virtual machines.
  • Metamorphic engine.
  • Unique virtual instructions for each protected application.
  • Full compatibility with external compressors.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version has various limited functions.
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