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II 3.30 Bayside Sniper is a program that allows to manage and view the auction of objects over eBay. Download Bayside Sniper to control your bids on your PC
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Many people use the online auction service eBay, in which users can offer their products to carry out public auctions with the possibility to select the starting price. To be able to follow these eBay bids without any need to use the explorer the best option is to resort to Bayside Sniper.

All the data on your desktop

The idea behind Bayside Sniper is to be able to control all the information about the products that you bid for over eBay from the desktop, in such a way that at any given time you will be able to know the last bid, the amount of time left for the auction to finish or the full description of the article you are interested in.

The interface of Bayside Sniper is focused towards practicality in detriment of a nice design, in such a way that the programs main window shows a table similar to that of the design of any spreadsheet with the most important data of each of the auctions.

Moreover, Bayside Sniper has an option thanks to which it will be possible to carry out searches for articles over eBay with great ease.

Download Bayside Sniper to control all you bids very easily.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial period lasts for 14 days.

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Scott McLure
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