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BFGMiner is a simple command line tool to mine Bitcoins from your PC. If you've got hardware that incorporates FPGA or ASIC chips, you need BFGMiner


Your ASIC and FPGA Bitcoin mining software

July 25, 2018
7 / 10

If you already have your own Bitcoin wallet, it's time to get hold of your first coins. Purchase this cryptocurrency or, even better, receive these coins in payment for your mining work with BFGMiner.

The mining app with FPGA and ASIC.

Bitcoin mining requires great computing power. There's an expensive piece of specialized hardware called ASIC that you can use to solve the operations necessary to add new blocks to the chain. If you have made this investment, you'll need software like BFGMiner.

Modular Bitcoin mining software

BFGMiner is a modular mining software that works from the command line. It supports FPGA and also ASIC chip cards.

If you've got this specialized mining hardware, you have more chances of obtaining BTCs than mining with CPU or GPU. And if you also join a mining pool, you'll increase your possibilities to earn Bitcoins even more. For such purpose you only need the pool's URL and your ID data (user name and password).

Requirements and additional information:

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