3.19 BlockCAD is a design program with LEGO blocks for Windows that allows us to carry out all sorts of projects and designs with hundreds of different parts
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If all CAD programs were like BlockCAD, many of us would be experienced designers. Mainly because this program is based on using LEGO blocks, therefore, our different projects would be approached just like constructing with the famous Danish block-based game.

Create your own designs based on LEGO projects

But let's not get too excited, because this is obviously not a serious alternative to AutoCAD, but mainly an entertainment that we can resort to in order to have fun by creating new designs inspired by the constructions we carry out in real-life.

This program comes along with different tools to help us out during the process such as those that we can use to rotate and change the views or those that allow us to color in the different blocks.

By the way, talking of blocks, there are dozens and dozens of different ones, sorted into different categories, therefore, you can design with this program almost anything you can imagine to build with LEGO.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Anders Isaksson
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