SolidWorks Explorer


SolidWorks Explorer is a widely used software that serves as a document and file format explorer for CAD projects developed with SolidWorks software


Tool for viewing SolidWorks files

November 23, 2022
7 / 10

SolidWorks is a CAD software, computer-aided design, for 2D and 3D mechanical modeling. It is widely used and has its own file format, so at the time, a browser of its own was also developed. This is SolidWorks Explorer, a tool for viewing and managing them, although it is also compatible with other types of software formats.

Take control of your SolidWorks files

This program offers a user interface that lets you view references, search for documents, view and add properties, or get a list of all the sites where it is used. Everything as a pop-up window with a format and structure similar to other file-browsing tools.

This software is designed to provide the user with a tool that enables the management of files created with SolidWorks in a way that Windows does not support. It offers a number of functions and features that are combined with those offered by the design software itself.

These are the main features offered by this CAD project explorer:

  • Manager and viewer of files created with SolidWorks.
  • Replace, rename, or copy any document.
  • Search for files on your computer.
  • SolidWorks independent operation.
  • Add or modify other files.
  • Compatible with other formats such as ACIS, 3D XML, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CADKEY...
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