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October 14, 2009
7 / 10

One of the most used blog services is Blogger, being so popular that there are thousands of blogs in it. Now thanks to blogBuddy you will be able to write your blog hosted in Blogger from this desktop client.

Desktop client for Blogger

blogBuddy is a desktop client that relinquished offering many options in exchange for being simple, quick and light. One of the problems of this philosophy is that it doesn't include a WYSIWYG editor to see what is being done, meaning that if we want to include any images we will have to do so manually by means of HTML code.

Once we input our account name and password, blogBuddy will connect to Blogger to download all the information that we need to create and edit posts.

The only editing possibility that blogBuddy offers without using HTML code is to change the font, apply italics, bold or underlining and to create hyperlinks. If what you want is a reliable client, that is quick and doesn't occupy resources, blogBuddy is an excellent selection.

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