Card Monsters Android

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Halfway between monster fight games and board games, Card Monsters for Android smartphones comes along as an original and very entertaining proposal


Card game with rounds at full-speed

April 3, 2023
8 / 10

Long ago, Pokémon and Digimon taught us that the world of monsters and fantastic bugs had still a lot to give. In this game, we will have to collect monster cards (Get them all!) and make them evolve (or digievolve?) to increase their power and create an invincible pack. Here's how to play Card Monsters.

Card Monsters is a strategic and fast card game.

Fast rounds and a lot of action

The basic mechanics of this game is pretty simple. You will have access to four cards in each trump card: two for equipment and two monsters. Each card requires a number of diamonds to be able to play it, so you won't be able to freely play all the cards you want. Players have three holes in the board in which to place their monsters. Those that are for a direct attack are placed in the middle, while the ones that attack from the rear are placed on the sides. After placing your cards in each trump card, the round ends when you hit the attack button to defeat your opponent.

And all this occurs in three scarce minutes. The developers of this game went for an agile and dynamic fighting system so that the battles don't end up being too heavy, like in other titles of this style. You will have to apply your best strategy in daily missions and different tournaments. You can play versus the machine or other players online.

Besides, the fun part is in gathering all the collection of cards and making your monsters evolve, so that apart from the battles it has the added incentive of collecting. In addition, the cards are very cool; the artistic side of this game is specially taken care of and has brilliant animations. A fun option for Android, for sure.

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