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Cocktail Flow is a great resource full of cocktail recipes in wich you'll find great ideas for your long drinks. Find the right drink for each taste

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¿Whiskey and orange? ¿Vodka and lemon? They're not the most innovating drinks, so if you want to try out new ones you should give Cocktail Flow a chance.

Vodka Martini. Shaken, not stirred.

This application allows you to browse around looking through a collection that's constantly growing with new drinks and cocktails. They all come along with their recipes and all sorts of details, so that you yourself can incorporate them to your repertoire behind the bar.


  • Hundreds of recipes for mixed drinks.
  • Guide for barmen.
  • Function to bookmark cocktails as favorites.
  • Find the most similar drinks to those you like.
  • Control your stock of drinks.
  • Color code to classify drinks.

Each cocktail comes along with a photo and a color code. This code lets you see in a quick glance the cocktail's base drink, as well as the time of the year when it's supposed to be typical or should be drunk.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires Windows 10.
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