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CRM Zadarma is Zadarma's easy-to-configure CRM with which we can improve our customer management notably by bringing it to our virtual phone switchboard


The CRM of Zadarma's PBX system

October 16, 2019
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Have you got a business and you need to get hold of a PBX to make use of a phone system? Don't think twice: the fastest and simplest option is Zadarma, a virtual PBX system on the cloud with which you won't have to buy any equipment or hire new lines. The network has already been created, hosted on the carrier's servers, and you can connect to the latter over the Internet, being able to offer a virtual number in over 100 countries.

You'll have at your reach different functions such as a voice menu, call stats and recordings, an automatic answer machine, call forwarding, answering and diverting... all the latter, with a simple and fast configuration which you can access from your personal user area. A virtual switchboard with functions of a voice menu system, to transfer and intercept calls, to record conversations, for conditional and unconditional call forwarding, for automatic voice greetings, and to connect to alternative lines.

Manage your customer relationships thanks to Zadarma's CRM

But apart from all that, amongst the main services offered we have to mention CRM Zadarma, an integrated CRM to carry out the management of the customers associated with our PBX. Thanks to this module, our phone relationships with our customers, and all subsequent operations, will be registered in a neat and tidy manner. It offers us functions such as the following:

  • Simple user interface.
  • Integration with Zadarma's virtual switchboard.
  • Joint functioning for over 50 employees.
  • Call from your browser with just one click.
  • Pop-up windows with the customer sheets to make the operator's work easier.
  • Comfortably view the current tasks from the list or the calendar.
  • Automatic integration with call stats and recordings.
  • Forward calls to the person in charge or to the first agent available.
  • Automatically create leads.
  • Export and import customer databases hosted on other CRMs.

Telephony over the Internet offers us a significant advantage regarding traditional telephony because our business doesn't necessarily have to be limited to a specific geographical region, being able to have an office or workplace associated with our company anywhere around the world. It's the perfect solution for small enterprises with a global reach, such as call centers or online stores. The CRM is an added value to manage the customer-business relationship, being able to offer a much more precise and customized service.

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