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TinEye is a search engine that works like an alternative to Google Images if you want to make reverse searches. Just upload the photo or paste the URL


A reverse image search engine

February 20, 2017
9 / 10

Do you realize that the Internet goes much beyond Google? You can find alternative search engines, some of which also allow you to make reverse image queries just like with the famous Google Images function. This webapp is called TinEye and the truth is that it's just great.

Upload a picture or paste the URL

Don't know what a reverse search is? Easy, it involves looking for an image by pasting its URL or uploading a reference from our hard drive. You can use it to know if there's any other identical photo on the Internet in order to verify its origin, authorship o find out if someone's using your photo. For the time being, there's no app for iPhone or APK for Android, but at least you can get hold of an add-on for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera.

Find out if someone's stolen your photos or find the original source of an image.

Main features

These are the main features of these reverse image search engine:

  • Search by URL or upload a picture from your hard drive.
  • Filter the results according to several criteria: date, size, modifications...
  • Function to search by colors and tones.

This is yet another service developed behind the Canadian company behind it, which also offers its API so it can be implemented in other developments. It also provides other services such as a duplicate or enhanced image finder or an app capable of recognizing bottle labels, very useful for those that like scanning drinks to remember which ones they have drunk.

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