CyPet is a virtual pet that you will have to look after as if it were a real-life pet. Feed it, play with it... Discover a new friend thanks to CyPet


Enjoy a virtual pet very similar to a Tamagotchi

February 28, 2011
8 / 10

Loneliness is one of the worst situations to experience. Company is always welcome, and CyPet has been launched to offer you precisely that, as well as sharing your time and concerns and, all in all, making your friendless and sad life slightly happier.

A great alternative to Mou and Tamagotchi

CyPet is a virtual pet that you have to pay all your attention to. Feed it to make the animal grow, apply your discipline against bad behavior and vaccinate your pet to make sure it doesn't fall ill.

You have to clean it when it's dirty or play any of the two games available with it if it's bored. This virtual pet has become another member of the family, with the only exception that it doesn't need its own room, it has more than enough with your computer screen.

There are several difficulty levels available depending on your experience. CyPet also includes a statistics registry that shows which pet has lived a longer life.

Virtual pets are a great alternative to the inconveniences of real-life pets. With CyPet you can have plenty of fun with a faithful pet, a loyal companion and true friend. You only need one thing: to download CyPet for free. Your life will be happier and less lonely.

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