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DepositFiles is the program you need to manage from your Windows PC the download of any kind of file uploaded to the cloud of this online storage service


Download manager for this storage service

June 18, 2020
8 / 10

Online storage services allow us to store all sorts of files that we can then download from any location without needing to carry them around with us on a USB stick or a hard drive. That's why these cloud storage services have become so popular and we can now also download DepositFiles for PC.

Speed up the operations with your files on the cloud.

A client to manage the download of files

Once we download DepositFiles for PC, this service offers us free of charge the possibility to upload files of up to 10GB (in the free version, the premium version offers even more space) and in the most popular formats: EXE, MP3, MPEG, AVI, ZIP, JPG, office files... To manage them, this software helps you to speed up all the operations with your files (upload, download, export...). It comes along with the following features, amongst others:

  • Automatic detection of links of
  • Downloads at the maximum possible speed.
  • Download several files at the same time.
  • Resume interrupted downloads.
  • Download the same file from several threads.
  • Export and import download links.
  • Resume incomplete downloads.
  • Schedule tasks.

The truth is that all cloud storage clients and DepositFiles isn't an exception (that's for sure), work exactly like an FTP client like FileZilla. In fact, they allow us to create folders and upload files, selecting them from their location or by drag&drop.

Gold or Premium account: expand and improve its features

This service also comes along with a Pro or paid mode for those users that want to make the most of its features. In the free version, the program downloads the files exactly like a browser. In other words, with the file in a thread and at a limited speed, with pauses between the downloads. With the Gold version, you won't have to suffer such restrictions as it allows you to use multithreading to download different files at the same time, being able to establish the number of threads available from the configuration section.

You should know that the program requires Java to work, and although it can work with version 6, it's more than recommendable to download the latest development. This might lead your firewall or antivirus to block this software, having to go to settings to modify the option that may detect it as a potentially hazardous program.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Requires Java.
  • Requires a user registry.
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