Download Managers for Windows

Using download managers is the most efficient way to automatically download files to our Windows computer without having to pay too much attention

JDownloader 2.0 English

The most complete download manager

Music MP3 Downloader English

Download music in MP3

Internet Download Manager 6.41 Build 2 English

Extremely fast and organized download manager

DepositFiles 2122 English

Download manager for this storage service

MegaDownloader 1.8 English

Unofficial client to manage downloads from Mega

Google Books Downloader 2.7 English

Program to download books from Google Books

Orbit Downloader English

One of the best free download managers

JDownloader Portable 2 English

The portable version of the most complete download manager

Easy Video Downloader 2.1 English

Grab all the videos you want from YouTube and other similar webs

YouTube Music Downloader 10.1 English

Download audio and video from YouTube at the same time

Super MP3 Download English

Search for music on the Internet and download it for free

PageNest 3.30 English
PageNest 3.30

Download web pages and sites to your computer

CryptLoad 1.1.8 English
CryptLoad 1.1.8

Modern download manager compatible with RapidShare, MediaFire and others

MediaDrug 1.9 English

Download songs in MP3 or listen to them online

Manga Downloader 5.5 English

Download all your manga from sites like OneManga, MangaFox and Manga Hut

FreeRapid Downloader 0.9u4 English

Practical and easy-to-use download manager

Internet Download Accelerator English

An efficient download accelerator with multiple options

Media Downloader 1.5.2 English

Videos and images from Google and YouTube without a browser

Medusa 1.2.35 English
Medusa 1.2.35

Automatically download any file of your choice

Rapidshare Auto Downloader 4.1 English

Download files automatically from RapidShare

Go!Zilla Downloader 5.03 English

Provide your downloads with more speed and stability

Instagram Downloader 2.0 English

Download your favorite photos from Instagram

NeoDownloader 3.0.3 English

Download contents without accessing the web

ReGet Deluxe 5.2.325 English
ReGet Deluxe 5.2.325

Accelerate and manage your download with this application

Inspyder Web2Disk 5.1.1 English

Download your favorite websites on your computer

Microsoft Download Manager 1.2.1 English

Simple and safe download manager

Visual Web Ripper 3.0.19 English

Extract the most interesting contents from the webs you visit

WebZIP English

Save any website to view it later offline

FlareGet 5.0.0 English
FlareGet 5.0.0

Intuitive and efficient download manager

RTMPDump 2.4 English

Download FLV files from the web

Google Image Downloader 3.0.0 English

Download all the images about a certain subject

pyLoad 0.4.9 English
pyLoad 0.4.9

Download files from the Internet in a neat and tidy manner

RapidShare Downloader 5.6 English

Powerful RapidShare download manager with integrated search engine

MetaProducts Download Express 1.9 English

Download files at the maximum possible speed

Teleport Pro 1.72 English

Download entire webs and browse offline

Napster English

The legendary music download program is still alive

ochDownloader 0.9.0 English

A brand new direct download manager

Flash Video Capture 5.2.1 English

Search for videos, download them and play them

Allmyapps English

Download some of the best free programs

Mipony 3.0.6 English
Mipony 3.0.6

Download manager optimized for direct download sites