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DownloadStudio is an amazing download manager. Download games, music, videos and other kinds of contents from the Internet easily thanks to DownloadStudio


The best download manager with surprising features

May 14, 2019
8 / 10

DownloadStudio is an excellent download manager that allows you to obtain any contents from the Internet: games, documents, images, video, programs, web pages, feeds, RSS, podcast, etc. and what's more, keep them organized thanks to its file explorer.

A powerful download manager

The program has been designed to work on the most popular Internet sites: YouTube, Google Video, Rapidshare, Dailymotion, FileFront, Vimeo,, Myspace,... It offers integration with the most popular browsers: Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Flock, Netscape and Google Chrome. Thus, with a simple click on the right button of the mouse you will be able to access the options of DownloadStudio.

According to its creator, DownloadStudio accelerates the download speed up to 500%. You have the option to download collections of files, Flash videos (the format used by YouTube), all the files of a web page or only those that have a format chosen by the user, audio or video files via streaming,...

DownloadStudio is different to other managers because it includes 12 useful download tools that are very easy to use, that allow you to download more file formats than traditional download managers, and also due to its user interface, prized as the most intuitive. In case you need any help, Conceiva, the application's developer, offers you various tutorials from the same application as well as online help.

This program is free of spyware and adware, you won't have to put up with bothersome banners or suffer the risk of your personal information being captured and sent over the Internet. Try out DownloadStudio! Possibly the best download manager.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version can be used for 15 days.
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