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Control your download flow from RapidShare with RapidShare Downloader, a manager with an integrated search engine. Download RapidShare Downloader for free

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RapidShare Downloader is the closest thing to a P2P program that we are going to find among the different direct download managers, thanks to the fact that it includes an excellent search engine that will track all the files downloaded by the users and it offers us the results as if it were eMule.

Download manager for RapidShare

It works perfectly with RapidShare's Premium accounts, and it also accepts free downloads. It adds the links automatically once we have placed them on the clipboard, and it is capable of reading a list from a .txt document.

We can configure it so that it starts automatically when Windows is launched. Furthermore, it has an integrated notepad so that we can write down addresses, passwords and all kinds of data that we need to complete the downloads and be able to access their contents.

Unfortunately, just as it happens with many other direct download managers, RapidShare Downloader suffers from being somewhat unstable. A problem that its developer will surely be able to fix in the near future. Ideal for direct download fans that usually use RapidShare.

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Antony Peel
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