With Save-o-gram you can now download photos or videos shared by any user on Instagram. Choose the content or download it all thanks to Save-o-gram


Download any photo or video from Instagram

March 31, 2019
9 / 10

Instagram is a great tool so that many users can share their dexterity when it comes to taking photos and enhancing them. Thus, it has become a large photo art gallery that we can download to our computer thanks to Save-o-gram, the Instagram image downloader.

Perfect to download the most stunning Instagram images.

And the truth is that we won't have any difficulties at all to download images or videos from Instagram, thanks to how easy its interface is to use. From the latter, we can choose whether we want to download one or more photos of a certain user, and if we want to keep them in their original format or bundle them in a compressed file.


  • Download photos from any Instagram account in their original format or compressed in a ZIP file.
  • View photos in a resizable window or on fullscreen.
  • Choose one or more photos of any Instagram user.
  • Search for photos by tags.

Downloading Save-o-gram Instragram Downloader is exactly what you need to be able to get hold of your favorite photos and videos on Instagram.

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