MegaDownloader is a safe application. Its installation does not involve major modifications to the operating system or require access to sensitive areas. However, before installing and running this application on your computer, you should bear in mind some considerations.

First of all, it is important to choose well where you get your installer from. A quick Internet search for the term MegaDownloader is enough to verify that there are hundreds of pages that provide the download of its official installer. However, you should only use reliable software repositories, that analyze the packages they distribute and that offer reliable downloads. In Malavida, you can download MegaDownloader from our own servers safely and easily.

Secondly, you must choose carefully the files you download using MegaDownloader. Therefore, we recommend that, before starting a download, you be completely sure that the chosen link comes from someone you can trust. Avoid downloading public links, accessible to everyone. Some people with bad intentions exploit its widespread to incorporate malicious programs or viruses to such links.

Finally, to be sure that MegaDownloader does not establish connections with servers other than those of Mega, you can use a traffic inspector. This type of application lets you examine the data traffic of an application and check exactly what they use the Internet connection for. This is the fastest way to check that your information is safe and that this download manager is not doing anything inappropriate with it. There are several traffic inspectors, also called sniffers, such as IP Sniffer or Fiddler.

In short, using MegaDownloader carries no risk. However, it is important to apply common sense when obtaining your installer, and above all, to use only those links that can be fully trusted.