MegaDownloader is not an official Mega application. Therefore, the company does not offer support for this tool or update it to improve its performance and solve errors. Being a particular development, MegaDownloader has some bugs, that fortunately, are easily solved.

For example, the download directory may be invalid or access may be denied.

Directory errorDirectory error

This problem is solved by changing the download path to a valid one. To do this, open the MegaDownloader configuration by clicking on Options, and then, on Configuration.

Open MegaDownaloader’s settingsOpen MegaDownaloader’s settings

In the Download path section, open the folder selector with the Browse button.

Change the download pathChange the download path

Select a valid folder, such as Downloads or Documents, and confirm with Ok.

Choose the folderChoose the folder

From this moment on, all downloads will be saved in the chosen directory and the error will have disappeared.

Another frequent error is that of an invalid link. The first thing you should do, if you encounter this problem, is to check that you have written or copied the link correctly. In most cases, this error is caused by a missing character in the URL. The structure of a MEGA link consists of the domain, which should be, followed by approximately 40 characters. They include file identification and the encryption key. For older versions of MegaDownloader, it may be necessary to use the domain

Finally, a download may not start or may stop halfway through. The warning, in this case, will appear in the download list with the word Error in red.

Download errorDownload error

Downloading problems may be due to the performance of the firewall, or Windows Firewall. To allow MegaDownloader access to the network through it, open the application settings, and select the Streaming tab.

Streaming tabStreaming tab

Then, check the Use streaming server box.

Enable the streaming serverEnable the streaming server

Click Save to apply the changes.

Save the configurationSave the configuration

In the window that will appear, click on Allow Access to create a MegaDownloader exception in the system firewall.

Windows firewall warningWindows firewall warning

From then on, MegaDownloader will have no limitations when connecting to the Internet, and download errors will be drastically reduced.