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Universal Share Downloader is an efficient download manager for services like Megaupload. Speed up you direct downloads thanks to Universal Share Downloader


Make your direct downloads quicker and more comfortable

April 15, 2011
6 / 10

Universal Share Downloader is a simple application that will make it much easier for us to download files. Currently, hosting and direct download servers such as Megaupload, RapidShare or FileServe allow us to share files, download videos or music. Due to the variety of pages and services around, downloading files from different sites can become somewhat annoying. To lend us a hand, Universal Share Downloader takes charge of managing all the downloads, and we only have to worry about pasting the links on the application.

Downloading files with Universal Share Downloader is as easy as that. Once we have the download links, we only have to paste them on the program. We can do so by adding the links manually, or by the function that allows us to paste the links from the clipboard. Once this has been done, Universal Share Downloader will analyze the links, make sure they're available and add them to the download list.

Universal Share Downloader offers us information about the links and the files that we're about to download. The files will start downloading without having to do anything else. Once the download has finished, the files will be in the folder that we had previously indicated.

One of the most positive aspects of Universal Share Downloader is the wide range of download services that it's compatible with: Megaupload, RapidShare, FileServe, GamersHell, MediaFire, YouSendIt or GigaShare, among others.

Stop worrying about downloads with Universal Share Downloader and just enjoy them.

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