Aktiv Download Manager

Aktiv Download Manager is a practical free download manager that will make it easier to download files. Get hold of Aktiv Download Manager for your PC


Great download manager and accelerator for free

April 12, 2019
8 / 10

Aktiv Download Manager is a software application that will help you to download any file from the Internet without further complications. This free download manager is a very good utility to make sure that your downloads don't corrupt if you go offline. Or simply to have a program that will take care of everything without having to be the browser.

Provide more speed to your downloads

Many download managers integrate a large number of utilities, organize the download however they think or show bothersome banners, with Aktiv Download Manager you won't have those problems. It will take care of capturing the URLs to download any file, whether EXE, ISO or ZIP.

The interface of Aktiv Download Manager isn't at all overloaded, it has the essential buttons to add, eliminate and edit downloads, reset the lists and manage the downloads (pause all of them, resume them,...). Thus, downloading Aktiv Download Manager for free will allow you to take control and optimize your large downloads to the maximum extent.

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