Local Website Archive

2018 18.0

Local Website Archive is a program with which you will be able to save any site on your computer. Download Local Website Archive and access sites offline

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Local Website Archive is an application with which it is possible to quickly and very easily download a website to your computer to be able to check it at a later date, without requiring to have an Internet connection. Local Website Archive allows you to keep a web page on your hard drive, the contents of which you are interested in saving.

  The most noteworthy features of Local Website Archive are:
- Allows you to save both images and text from a website to check it offline.
- Complete integration with Internet Explorer.
- Powerful search tool to easily find the stored websites.

  Local Website Archive is very easy to use: you only have to input the address of the website that you want to save, and the application will save all the files. After that it will show the website that has been saved so as to make sure that it is the correct one. From that moment onwards, you will be able to check the information whenever you want.

  Save time with Local Website Archive and check the information that you are interested in without having to access the web.
Requirements and additional information:
It includes the Pro and Lite version in the same installer. The Lite version is free for personal use, but some functions are limited.
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