Earth3D is a tool with which you will be able to observe all the changes that will take place on Earth. Download Earth3D now and explore your planet

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Each day there are new programs and services that allow us to view the planet that we live on, but few of them have information that is as updated as Earth3D, because this application is constantly receiving information from the NASA, the USGS and the Onasbrück meteorological center in Germany.

  Despite its similarity to Google Earth, this program doesn't offer us the possibility to view road maps nor is it possible to view cities with it, it is more focused on the study and tracking of atmospherical and meteorological phenomena. This is really important, because the program's information is updated in real time, something that is very practical if we want to observe the course that a storm is taking or if we want to study the intercontinental faults.

  Earth3D has some peculiarities that make it even more interesting, like the possibility to view images of Earth at night or the possibility to choose what server we want to view the photos from.

  If you're looking for a program to view the blue planet and its constant changes, download and enjoy Earth3D, a practical and completely free tool.
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