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Protect your files and folders thanks to Easy File Locker. Block the information that they contain with a password, by downloading Easy File Locker for free


Hide files and folders on your computer

January 27, 2019
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With the help of Easy File Locker you'll be able to protect your files and folders by blocking them. Thus you'll be able to avoid that anybody accesses and manipulates your private information.


  • Transform the personal folders and files of your PC into files that are invisible to other users.
  • Hide documents safely: your data won't be altered in any possible way, they will simply be hidden from the other users without permission.
  • Protect the data by means of a password. Nobody will be able to uninstall the software if they don't know it's there.

The application's aspect is simple, the same as handling it. By means of the toolbar or by simply dragging and dropping the documents you will be able to add them to the group of protected files.

Four file protection options

Each one of these options can be configured so that they are accessible, visible, editable or deleted. You'll have the possibility to select the best option or options among those available for each file.

Download Easy File Locker for free to make sure that nobody unauthorized will be able to access your documents and folders.

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