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EditPad is a plain text editor that can be used for multiple purposes. Download EditPad Free to be able to modify your plain text files very easily


Light plain text editor

April 30, 2020
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Plain text editors are a type of tool that always come in handy, because they can be used for multiple purposes, ranging from editing HTML files to opening and modifying Window code pages. And within the free plain text editors one that is worth highlighting is EditPad.

Edit your files without any problems

It is worth noting that EditPad Lite allows to open as many files as may be necessary, something that will allow its user to work with all the files related with a specific project from the same interface using a tab based system.

Another noteworthy thing about EditPad is that it allows to save text 'clips', small texts that can be inserted into any project whenever needed, something that will allow to speed up certain tasks that can end up being repetitive. Like adding the initial code to the beginning to an HTML file, for example.

Among the different types of file that are compatible with EditPad you will find:

  • Full support for Unicode.
  • Windows code pages.
  • ISO-8859 code pages.
  • DOS code.
  • KOI8 code.
  • EBCDIC code.

What's more, EditPad allows to convert the files between these different page codes.

Therefore, if you need a plain text editor, you only have to download EditPad Lite free.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This application is free for personal use only.
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