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Floorplanner is an online web application to create floorplans for houses, offices, etc. It's a very simple plan editor that can recreate drawings in 3D
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Floorplanner is a web application to easily create floorplans. 4 million users already make the most of this webapp to create floorplans on the cloud and share them. And all this with a very simple methodology.

The easiest way to create floorplans.


  • Create floorplans for houses, offices and other spaces with all of their rooms, on the cloud.
  • 2D editor with 3D visualization options that allow a complete browsing experience.
  • Share your interactive plans online.
  • Very easy to use. Obtain your drawings in minutes thanks to the support for drag and drop of elements or the complete furniture library for all rooms of a house.
  • Integrate the app in your own website and promote the sales of your own properties with an appealing visual representation. Buy the paid version and use the application's API with total freedom.

And here is where we'll place the living room

Sign up and create a control panel for your projects. Choose between houses, offices and other spaces, and start drawing the structure on the floorplan. Then add the furniture and other elements from the complete library, and view your project in 3D to view the distribution in detail. Extremely efficient and easy to use!

Do you need to draw the floorplans for a house? Do you want to sell or rent your property, and you want to make a really appealing advert that will attract more people? Do you work in a Real Estate Agency? Are you going to renovate your flat? Access Floorplanner to draw floorplans for houses, flats, offices and other buildings.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The application is free for personal use.
  • The free version only allows you to save one project.
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