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Join Incredible Polo and create the next radio hit thanks to Incredibox, a website where you can gather sounds to be able to compose your own songs


An original way to compose your songs

June 26, 2012
9 / 10

Incredibox is an original project to create your own songs with the collaboration of musician Incredible Polo. This website will allow you to join different songs to create a song in a very elegant and interactive way.

Main features

  • Create your own songs on the web.
  • Use percussion bases, effects, melodies, choruses and vocals.
  • Random mode to obtain new results.
  • Create complex compositions and access bonuses and surprises.
  • Record and share your songs.

In the animation, you'll receive feedback from the character. Simply drag and drop the elements at the bottom to add sound layers of different nature. After that, use the controls to generate new variants, record your productions and share them with your friends.

Enjoy music with Incredibox, a web that has received prizes due to its originality and appeal.

Antony Peel

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