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With Fotoprix PhotoBook you will be able to create you own customized photo albums. Download Fotoprix PhotoBook and create calendars with your photos


Create books, calendars and postcards with your favorite photos

January 29, 2019
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Mainly due to digital photography, we hardly ever print the photos that we take, and we have to view them on our computer, mobile phone or television.

Transfer your images and photos to a professional quality album

The habit of filling photo albums with our favorite pics has been lost, but thanks to Fotoprix PhotoBook we can now create albums with professional quality from the images that we have stored on our hard drive.

The application has an intuitive interface from which we will only have to choose the kind of project that we want (photo book, calendar, album, visiting card or greeting card), the design and size, so that after that we only have to "Drag&Drop" the images we want in the free boxes, readjusting the size and the orientation of each photo, to complete our work.

Once finished, the program will propose an estimate indicating the exact price to print and bind our work, allowing us to make some last-minute changes if necessary.

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