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Download Hofmann Digital Album for free and create your own customized photograph albums. The albums by Hofmann Digital Album can be printed afterwards


Create your own digital album and order it to be printed

November 24, 2020
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Photograph digitization could have ended with the albums that most people use to show their pictures. Nevertheless, a new range of possibilities has arisen from the synergy between photographs and software that has really soaked into photograph enthusiasts worldwide.

Memories forever.

A new way to obtain your photo albums

Hofmann Digital Album is probably one of the most renowned programs in this field. This simple image layout application allows you to generate photograph albums automatically or manually so that they can later be printed in your usual photograph shop. And not only that, it also allows you to create reminders, visiting cards, original birthday cards and customized invitations. You set the limit.


  • Create photo albums and books, and print them at your photo shop.
  • Generate visiting cards, birthday cards or wall and tabletop calendars.
  • Convert any of your albums to mini size.
  • A large amount of designs, including some by Kukuxumusu, Hello Kitty or even Disney.
  • Generate your own customized template for your albums. Possibility to print the images in other elements that are different from paper, like mugs.
  • Download images directly from storage websites like Picasa, Flickr or Facebook.
  • Edit your photographs to fix red eyes, improve the contrast, apply filters...

A photograph album adapted to you

The versatility of Hofmann Digital Album is total. Modify up to the slightest detail of the albums that you create with your photographs. Detail the amount of pages that the document will contain and the location of the photographs of your hard drive and start distributing them over the album. You will be able to edit them instantly to accomplish the best possible results from certain basis tool to be more effective.

You take the photographs, you create your album. Use Hofmann Digital Album to create your photograph albums of your holidays, family birthdays or friend reunions.

Requirements and additional information:

  • To end the installation it is necessary to input an email address.
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