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FreeMyApps allows you to earn money by testings apps on your iPhone. Create an account and download apps to earn credit that you can later use on Amazon


Earn money with iOS thanks to this service

October 10, 2017
7 / 10

FreeMyApps is a service that you can install on your iPhone to download and try out all sorts of apps that you won't be able to find on Apple's App Store, just if you had done a jailbreak on your phone. In fact, on some occasions, these apps would require a payment but by using this method, you can get their patched versions for free.

Once you've installed the certificate in the device's settings, you might think that the app isn't working. However, to use this service, you have to log in with your Facebook profile to verify your account. Once you've done so, you'll only have to install loads of loads of applications to earn points with each one of them. Those points can be exchanged for virtual money to be used in online stores of the likes of Amazon. Another way to earn credits is by adding and sharing the system with your friends, so that they also download apps and, in turn, share it with other mates.

FreeMyApps is great way to discover new apps and games.

FreeMyApps vs Feature Points

Feature Points is very similar to this platform but it probably offers you greater rewards. So don't think twice. If you're not too concerned about filling your iPhone with apps and rubbish to earn some extra money and get to know new applications while you're at it, start downloading and trying out this tool to earn some virtual money that you can later spend on:

  • Amazon.
  • Google.
  • Xbox.
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