Frostbow Home Inventory

5.2.7 Lite

With Frostbow Home Inventory you will be able to carry out home and professional stock tacking. Download Frostbow Home Inventory free on your computer


Manage and organize your personal or professional inventory

August 29, 2011
6 / 10

When we want to organize our personal household possessions or work material by means of an inventory, there is nothing better than to use a specialized application to do so. Frostbow Home Inventory is a tool that equally as powerful that it is simple, and that perfectly covers all the needs for small inventories.

Complete inventories from your PC

With up to 23 fields to fill in, Frostbow Home Inventory allows us to store the object's name, manufacturer, model, category, location, state, condition, acquisition date, guarantee, cost price, value and even the inheritor. We can also leave a comment and even a small description of the object.

Logically, after filling in the fields, we can include images of each object, so that they are unmistakable. The application will also allow us to generate backups of the inventory and even reports in PDF format with the intention of presenting them to security companies. Furthermore, if we use Frostbow Home Inventory in a more professional environment, we can obtain detailed graphics of almost any aspect that we choose.

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Antony Peel