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GaGa-Social Translation is an application for Android that, despite its name, offers us a simple system to meet new people and find the love of our life

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If we were to talk about an app called GaGa-Social Translation, what would you think it's all about? An automatic translator? An interpreter for baby sounds? We bet you'd never think that it's a kind of Chinese Tinder, an app to meet new people from all over the world and go on a date.

Chat freely with foreign friends.

A very familiar functioning

The Chinese are experts when it comes to copying almost anything. The thing is that they're better at certain things than others. In this case, they've decided to clone the mechanism of Tinder and create their very own version, which is exactly the same but with a different name. Fancy someone? Swipe right. Not too keen? Swipe left. You've also got a couple of buttons marked with an X and a heart just in case you're not into swiping. In the center, there's a button that allows you to chat with that person, send voice messages, and share any typical emoticon or emoji.

GaGa is a social app with international multilingual translations.

Even though the tool has been translated into English it comes along with a multi-language translator. Why? Because it's a Chinese app and you probably wouldn't be able to understand half its users. The translations aren't too bad and you can get to understand what other users are trying to say. However, any similarity with the original message could be a pure coincidence.

It obviously comes along with a premium version that offers you the possibility to become a VIP user that's much better than any poor user that doesn't pay. If you really fancy someone, you can also buy that person a present and send it through the chat. Who wouldn't fall in love with you after spending $15 on a reindeer sticker just for her...

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 2.3.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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